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Norman Workshops

NORMAN Workshops are organised according to the approved scientific activities planned annually.



Environmental Epigenetics – From Mechanisms to Regulation

21-22 February 2019,

Örebro (SE)





Prioritisation of emerging contaminants in Urban Wastewater

6 March 2019,

Paris (FR)





27-28 November 2018,

Amsterdam (NL)



NORMAN Workshop on Non-Target Screening for Regulators: How can non-target screening techniques support environmental monitoring and chemicals management?

25 October 2018,

Brussels (BE)




Workshop on non-target screening in biota

16-17 October 2018,

Upssala (SE)




NANO -Transfer - International Conference & Winter School

19-20 October 2017,

Aachen (DE)







4th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks

2-4 October 2017,

Bilbao (ES)





5th Workshop on Field-Flow Fractionation – Mass Spectrometry (FFF-MS)

28-29 September 2017,

Vienna (AT)









NORMAN Databases Workshop - Towards a harmonised approach for collection and interpretation of data on emerging substances in the environment in support of European environmental policies

8-9 June 2017,

Berlin (DE)





Integrated Exposure and Effects Assessment

11-12 April 2017,

Amsterdam (NL)





Multivariate statistical approaches to link chemical signals to effects

24-25 Jan 2017,

Leipzig (DE)




Non-Target Screening embedded in (Open Access) Platforms and its role in various disciplines

2-4 Nov 2016,

Munich (DE)







3rd Workshop on Field-Flow Fractionation – Mass Spectrometry (FFF-MS)

5-6 Sept 2015,

Vienna (AT)





1st NORMAN workshop on analysis of problematic compounds

1-2 Sept 2015,

Rhodes (GR)




Workshop on Passive Sampling techniques for monitoring of contaminants in the aquatic environment: Achievements to date and future perspectives

27-28 Nov 2014,

Lyon (FR)




NORMAN MassBank Workshop 2014

17-18 Sept 2014,

Dübendorf (CH)




Workshop on Non-Target Screening Towards the harmonisation of methods for
non-target screening of environmental samples

16-17 Sept 2014,

Dübendorf (CH)




The NORMAN network and SOLUTIONS Workshop: Methodologies for prioritising hazardous chemicals in European waters: the state of play and the need for improvement

24-25 Jun 2014,

Paris (FR)




1st Workshop on Field-Flow Fractionation - Mass Spectrometry (FFF-MS)

26-27 Sept 2013,

Vienna (AT)




Engineered nanomaterials in the waste water treatment process and associated environments

19 Sept 2013,

Rome (IT)




NORMAN Expert Group meeting: Linking environmental quality standards and passive sampling

3-4 July 2013,

Brno (CZ)




Workshop on occurrence, fate and effects of emerging pollutants in the environment - chemical analysis and toxicological assessment

29-30 Nov 2012,

Amsterdam (NL)




NORMAN MassBank training workshop

27 Nov 2012,

Amsterdam (NL)




Workshop on environmental monitoring of biocides in Europe - from prioritisation to measurements

5-6 Nov 2012,

Berlin (DE)




NORMAN Interlaboratory Study on passive sampling of emerging pollutants - Chemical Monitoring On Site (CM On-Site) in support of WFD implementation - Dissemination workshop / JRC Innovation Transfer Event

29-30 Oct 2012,

Ispra (IT)




Workshop on wastewater reuse applications and contaminants of emerging concern

13-14 Sept 2012,

Limassol (CY)





Workshop on micropollutants, metabolites and mixtures in drinking water and its sources

18-19 June 2012,

Nieuwegein (NL)




Workshop on sampling and analysis of emerging contaminants in the aquatic environment: Current and future challenges

1-2 Mar 2012,

Oslo, Norway (NO)




NORMAN Workshop and Expert Group Meeting: New brominated flame retardants as emerging contaminants in the environment: sources, occurrence, pathways and measurement methods

23-25 Nov 2011,

Stockholm (SE)




NORMAN Workshop on Data Exchange - Towards a harmonised approach for collection and interpretation of data on emerging substances in the environment in support of European environmental policies

20-21 Apr 2011,

Berlin (DE)




Workshop on engineered nanoparticles in the environment - analysis, occurrence and impacts

19-20 Oct 2010,

Koblenz (DE)




Conference for European Environmental Specimen Bank 

21-22 Jun 2010,

Berlin (DE)




Workshop on WFD River Basin Specific Pollutants - Selection and monitoring in EU Member States

10-11 Jun 2010,

Stresa (IT)




Expert Group Meeting: Passive sampling of emerging pollutants: state of the art and perspectives

27 May 2009,

Prague (CZ)




Expert Group Meeting: Toxicity profiling (in vitro, in vivo assays and omics): The state of art and the perspectives

9 Oct 2009,

Amsterdam (NL)




Workshop on mixtures and metabolites of chemicals of emerging concern

18-19 Nov 2009,

Amsterdam (NL)




Final meeting of the NORMAN project and launch meeting of the new permanent network

20-21 Oct 2008,

Paris (FR)




Workshop on integrated chemical and bio-monitoring strategies for risk assessment of emerging substances

17-18 Mar 2008,

Lyon (FR)




Workshop on new tools for bio-monitoring of emerging pollutants

29-30 Oct 2007,

Amsterdam (NL)




Workshop on chemical analysis of emerging pollutants

27-28 Nov 2006,

Mao (ES)




Workshop on emerging environmental pollutants: Key issues and challenges

19-20 Jun 2006,

Stresa (IT)


NORMAN satellite workshop: Promoting passive sampling through a common data repository and the use of a tiered approach for a routine implementation in water quality monitoring

7 Sept 2016,

Prague (CZ)




Current status & developments in suspect and non-target screening

2 June 2017,

Oslo (NO)





NANO -Transfer - International Conference & Winter School

19-20 October 2017,

Aachen (DE)






NANO -Transfer - International Conference & Winter School

19-20 October 2017,

Aachen (DE)