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NORMAN organises the development and maintenance of various web-based databases for the collection & evaluation of data / information on emerging substances:                               

  • EMPODAT: a database of geo-referenced monitoring / occurrence data on emerging substances;                                  
  • NORMAN MassBank: a database of mass spectra of unknown or provisionally identified substances.
  • NORMAN Suspect List Exchange: a central website to access various lists of substances for suspect screening.

These databases are being developed and integrated with the primary aims of:

  • Bringing together existing knowledge on emerging substances and,
  • Setting up a framework for the systematic collection, elaboration and scientifically sound evaluation of future data.

NORMAN should become the primary data source and global one-stop-shop for all issues regarding emerging substances, contributing to the creation of the early-warning system for emerging pollutants and subsequent policy actions.

The NORMAN Association has a long-term interest in being granted access to data on emerging substances from various research projects and in exploring other areas of possible data sharing in line with the NORMAN Position Paper: Collection, exchange and interpretation of data on emerging substances - Towards a harmonised approach for collection and interpretation of data on emerging substances in support of European environmental policies.