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The NORMAN network is a non-profit association of all interested stakeholders dealing with emerging substances. NORMAN has adopted its Statutes and Internal Regulations under the French law of 1901 on non-profit organisations.

NORMAN has three categories of members:

  1. Founding Members (Voting Members);
  2. Ordinary Members (Voting Members);
  3. Associate Members.

List of NORMAN members (latest update 19 June 2024) ARCHIVE

If you wish to join the NORMAN network in 2024, your organisation will have to fill in and sign the Declaration of Membership, according to the provisions of Article 6 of the Statutes of the Association.

Membership category Membership fee 2024
Founding Members: €10 000
Ordinary Members1: €2 500

1 The fee can be reduced to €1000 for Ordinary Members providing an in-kind contribution, according to the provisions listed under Article 2 of the Internal Regulations.

You can also contact:
Valeria DULIO - Executive Secretary of the NORMAN Association
INERIS, Direction Milieu et Impact sur le Vivant (MIV)
Rue Jacques Taffanel - Parc Technologique ALATA
F-60550 Verneuil-en-Halatte,
E-mail address: