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Workshop on Field-Flow Fractionation - Mass Spectrometry

1st Workshop on Field-Flow Fractionation - Mass Spectrometry (FFF-MS)
Vienna, 26-27 September 2013

This open workshop, organised by University of Vienna, Austria and the Federal Institute of Hydrology, Germany, addresses users and manufacturers of Field-Flow Fractionation techniques coupled to mass spectrometry, applied to nanomaterials (natural, anthropogenic) in all kind of matrices.

Keynotes, James Ranville from the "Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry; Colorado School of Mines", USA and Francisco Laborda from the "Department of Analytical Chemistry; University of Zaragoza" introduced the topic of FFF and mass spectrometry on the first day. The second day focused on practical laboratory work.

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Thursday, 26 September 2013 to Friday, 27 September 2013