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Emerging evironmental pollutants: Key issues and challenges

Workshop on emerging evironmental pollutants: Key issues and challenges
19-20 June 2006 - Stresa, Italy

How are emerging pollutants identified? How do emerging substances become regulated pollutants? What investigations should be undertaken when an emerging pollutant is identified? What substances are they, and what information is missing or required for monitoring and assessing their associated risks?

About 120 experts and stakeholders from different scientific communities and environmental compartments from 23 countries attended the workshop to discuss these issues.

Day 1 was dedicated to a general overview of the latest research findings. Special attention was paid to the views of users and key stakeholders (policy-makers, regulatory bodies, organisations in charge of risk assessment and risk management) regarding the current gaps in, and needs for, risk assessment and management.

On Day 2, a presentation of the activities of the NORMAN project was followed by four parallel sessions on specific aspects of emerging pollutants analysis and prioritisation. Detailed questions were prepared, and answers sought and discussed in open forum.

The presentations are available below.

Workshop programme, List of participants and Abstracts .

Workshop proceeding - Key issues and challenges



DAY 1 Session I : Emerging Environmental Pollutants

DAY 1 Session II : Science Needs for Policy Development

DAY 2 : NORMAN Working Tools and Activities

DAY 2 : Plenary facilitated discussion: Introduction to parallel sessions


Monday, 19 June 2006 to Tuesday, 20 June 2006